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General information

Our teachers work in dozens of classroom settings, both public and private. They also operate a few independent training schools for specialized instruction.​


Typically, new teachers will be assigned to their city and school by FoC representatives according to the needs of the field and the strengths and experiences of the applicant.


Teachers in China have opportunities to develop meaningful relationships built on trust and cultural awareness. As a part of Friends of China, they work alongside supportive teams in carrying out their localized mission activities.

Salary and Benefits

Salary and benefits can vary slightly based on the teacher's situation. The following list represents a typical arrangement:


Provided by Friends of China

  • Airfare (one round trip per school year)

  • Overseas health insurance

  • Pre-field training and stipend

  • In-field mentors and support

  • Retreat and professional growth opportunities

  • Financial assistance for special circumstances

  • Housing assistance (financial arrangement varies)

Provided by School 

  • Monthly salary of 4000-10,000rmb (between $600-$1500, a normal living wage in China) 


Qualifications and requirements vary from school to school, and also from city to city. Not all schools or training centers in China require a formal teaching degree or classroom experience. 

Many FoC applicants have an education degree, but many do not. We encourage you to contact us to see what opportunities might be available. 


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